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Safe Hair Transplant Punjab is devoted in doing successful hair transplants with minimal cost and outstanding results with utmost safety.

Dr. Rav Sharan Singh
MBBS, M.D.(IES London), DCos.

Get The Safe Hair Transplant At Dr. Rav Sharan Singh’s Hair Transplant Center.

Some people are actually blessed with thick growing hair while some people keep struggling to get good growing hair. The problem of hair growth can occur to any individual at any age and if you take a look at today’s lifestyle, there is no doubt for the reason behind its increasing frequency among people of all ages. Talking of which, be it physiological or genetic, the problem of hair growth can be treated or an alternative to the same can be now be provided with latest technologies that are coming up. Hair transplant is one such option that you can consider to say goodbye to baldness permanently.

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Before and after hair transplant pictures of our patients - Successful results at Safe Hair Transplant Punjab (Gursharan Hospital Patiala, Punjab)

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Why you should choose Safe Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

Safe hair transplant provides you the best safe and secure treatment this technique gives perfect and scar-free results to restore hairstyles.

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Hair Transplant Cost

The cost depends on the procedure, its region, the quality, bald area and it depends on experienced surgeons who used their skills to graft hair follicles.

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Reality Vs Fiction

Realistic expectation is based on what you discussed with doctor before surgery. The amount of hair growth depends in doctor’s & patients overall plan.

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Come & See

We have trusted clients from all over India. 30% of clients are repaired which were under treatment from other clinics. We assure you for the best results.

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How Choosing Us Can Be Beneficial To You?

If you are looking for the best Hair Transplant Patalia then look nowhere else. Dr. Rav Sharan Singh’s Hair Transplant centre is right for you for some obvious reasons such as:
• You get an informative consultation from this certified center with guaranteed results in a written format.
• We have the best team of doctors, surgeons and staff who will give you confidence about the results and ease down your nervousness.
• We strive hard to offer our customers with consistent results with the best technology and high-end sterilization techniques.
• In case you come up with any issue you can give us a call anytime as our professional staff is ready to offer you the best service and make sure you have a comfortable stay with us that is Dr. Rav Sharan Singh’s Hair Transplant centre .

Restoring Confidence Let Us Show How

Painless Hair Replacement

As hair transplant is done under local anaesthesia so you don’t feel any type of pain. Continue to your medical treatment and you can consider yourself for the hair transplant.

Zero Scars

Our special microscopic punch used while treatment ensures you no visible scarring of the donor area on your scalp. No cuts, no scars, no stitches, no pains.

Thick Natural Looking Hair

Our treatment not only for looks natural and thin, but you can feel natural also after hair’s original growth direction.

Guarantee- In Writing

we guarantee you after our treatment your implanted will start growing within one year of the treatment, and wouldn’t fall out again. 30% of our clients are repair cases form other clinics, with poor and unnatural results.

Stunning Value

You can enjoy our services and their costs because of great quality, great value transplants from highly experienced skilled team.

Free Local Consultation

It’s important that everyone want information before treatment. We also know what are your expectations and requirements. Safe hair transplant welcomes you every-time.

Send us your photos via WhatsApp, we analyze them and give our feedback instantly.

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