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Restoration of eyelashes with grafts

Jun 14, 2017

Eyelashes beautify the eyes and add strikingly aesthetic symmetry to face. Generally, some ladies are blessed with spectacular eyelashes because of their proper vitamins good for hair growth. Every person wishes to have long and beautiful eyelashes to look charming. As per today’s perspective, dense beautiful eyelashes have disappeared due to have many reasons. The … Continue reading Restoration of eyelashes with grafts

Why to have hair transplantation

May 22, 2017

Hair loss is a condition which has affected many people all around the world from many centuries. That’s why several researches and studies are done to conduct productive solutions for the same with its innovative proven techniques. Majority of males suffer baldness especially it starts from the forefront as they age and for this procedures … Continue reading Why to have hair transplantation

Experience with beard transplant

Apr 14, 2017

Today reports say that beard transplants are on the rise than even before. During the procedure, single hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head, where hair is thicker, and implanted them in the beard area. What comes next is a natural, functioning, thick and fully growing beard after few weeks of transplantation. … Continue reading Experience with beard transplant

Story of suffering hair loss

Apr 10, 2017

How abashing it is for a young person to have less hair on head! Such a person would definitely be tired of hiding receding hairline or baldness. Even losing confidence is a huge problem that makes living worse since it is hard to love or make people happy unless you love yourself. My story is … Continue reading Story of suffering hair loss