Body Hair Transplants for Hair Restoration

Nov 14, 2017

Body Hair Transplants, or BHT, are a hair restoration technique whereby the surgeon takes donor hair from the patient’s body, and places it in the hair loss areas of the scalp. Body hair can be transplanted from one part of the body to another. In one respect to traditional hair transplant technique involving micro grafts of scalp hair transplanted from the donor area to the balding area. BHT uses the patient’s own hair for the hair restoration. Many men don’t have sufficient donor hair on their scalp for a good result. This underscores the vital importance of preserving the hair you have -through the use of hair loss pills like propecia and rogaine, natural hair restoration, laser combs and therapies, hair loss vitamins, and so on – so that you have sufficient donor hair on you scalp. But many bald men have a lot of hair on their bodies. Wouldn’t it be great if that was available for transplant? But BHT is difficult in practice. First of all, the skin on the body is much more pliable than the skin on the scalp. This makes it much more difficult for the hair restoration surgeon to be able to harvest usable hair follicles. But this difficulty could be surmounted, perhaps, through further refinement of technique. After all, this hair restoration procedure is relatively new. Hair restoration surgeons would certainly improve the technique over time, and, until they do, it might be the best option available for bald men who wish to regain their hair.

body hair transplant

The Real Problem with Body Hair Transplantation
Although bald men may have plenty of hair on their body, the real problem with BHT is that body hair is very different from the hair on your head. Body hair is, typically, curlier and much finer. This has two results: first, the appearance of the hair in a BHT procedure may be less than satisfactory. Second, because body hair is finer, far more body hair grafts are required to achieve sufficient density than when scalp hair is used.