Eyebrow transplant- Brow restoration surgical procedure

Jun 09, 2017

eyebrow transplant

It is irrefutable that in today’s generation everyone wishes for thick and arched eyebrows for natural looking brows that well defines their facial features. In modern world, men are concerned about their eyebrows as well as a lot of women worry of their brows angles and density since your eyebrows define the facial appearance and act as a striking feature of personality. Hair loss in sparse brow area is a major issue that affects the individuality, social life, self-esteem and psychological state of individuals. Hair loss also adversely affects hair follicles due to the reason of repeatedly plucking of eyebrow hairs or over-tweezing or hormonal changes in the body. Thick and properly shaped permanent eyebrows cannot be met with the help of Cosmetics and tattooing. Consequently, Eyebrow transplant is a secure and reliable treatment to mend distorted thinning brows occurred due to accidental injuries, scarring, burns, ageing and over plucking. Basically, Eyebrow transplant treatment is completely helpful to patients to get rid of scars eyebrow issue. This procedure also rectifies every type of physical obstruction and upgrades the appearance of the person for good.
Defected and deformed brows can be recovered using transplantation techniques like Follicular unit extraction technique; the same process is used to implant hairs to overcome pattern baldness. Consequently, in Eyebrow transplant method, the numbers of grafts are taken from the donor area of the head and implanted on eyebrow hair follicles to provide a natural hair growth of eyebrow patient. This procedure may take hours for challenging eyebrow reconstruction surgery that depends on patient’s eyebrow condition. Eyebrow Follicular Unit Extraction procedure is practical for eyebrow restoration which is encouraging for both male and females. FUE punch device is used to harvest the grafts containing hair follicles from the head or body area to fill in brows and leaves small circular red wounds that will fade away within few days. Surgeons use this method to extract donor grafts and perform transplantation on the scalp for attaining hair growth which will leave a linear scar.

However, significant invasive FUE method in Eye brow transplantation involves removal of a tissue performed with effective micro tool leaves no scar in contrast to Strip technique or FUT procedure during which a strip of skin form the donor area of one’s head is removed but it causes to remain a visible scar. It is an appropriate option that gives less pain to eyebrow transplants and do not leave any marks on the implanted part. The new hairs start to grow after completion of treatment session from 3 to 6 months like a fine soft hair. When it comes to cost, it depends on various major factors such as the condition of a patient including eyebrow replacement coverage part, density, thickness and numbers of hair grafts are required to implanted on transplant area for natural eyebrows.