Find the successful hair transplants

Aug 02, 2017

It is widely accepted that your physical appearance matters a lot to stay happy and lucky. Your hair is the part of your beauty that grabs the attention of everyone. So do many celebrities are getting hair transplants. In the context of medical tourism, in India HT procedures have been becoming the prominent choice among the bald people as India is blessed with top notch experienced surgeons with precise knowledge. Since the placement of hair grafts onto the bald area is a tedious job and is an art to meet the aesthetic goal of fuller hair density, so you need to see the patients’ review and better understand through proven gallery pictures at a clinic.


To begin with, hair loss is a common issue now, the reasons could be general and persistent. Androgenic alopecia is the term of hair loss of hereditary or genetic effect that appears as thinning of hair or hairline receding which can only be treated with hair transplantation. The HT results are amazingly successful in terms its quality and long term cure making you feel younger and smarter. However, there are associated factors that determine the feasible state-of-the-art hair transplant procedure based on the patient’s condition which includes the number of grafts required to cover baldness, the characteristics of hair, cost etc. Commonly, there are 2 types of procedures: FUT (strip surgery) and FUE. The conventional method FUT involves process for removing a strip of tissue from the back of the head and then implanted in the recipient area. In Follicular unit extraction(FUE), a small punch device is used to remove each hair follicle which is then placed into the bald portion.

Well, I’d say person with below 20 years old shouldn’t go through HT as hair transplant treatment is also determined by your age factor. With regards to the time taken to achieve fuller remarkable results, it may take upto 8 months. What’s more, the geographical location of the clinic also plays a crucial role in getting the surgery. So with the help of these advanced technologies, the healthy donor hair are taken from the back of scalp or the other body parts that grow permanently as natural as before. So Best of Luck