My successful hair transplant story

Apr 06, 2017

Well! Today everyone is aware of latest craze of hair transplant to ultimately have new hair regrowth . But people really want to know if it is safe as well as successful process to go through? Since hair reproduction procedure involves certain steps from taking your hair follicles from head back or other bodily areas to plant them onto hairline portion, but the method could be FUT, FUE or strip harvesting. However hair transplant cost varies with the type as well as number of grafts. Still I would say the best possible results of this finding really worth paying a bit more for it. All you need to aware to be in safe hands of experts. I am truly happy to say bye bye to my baldness. I know how much I was shattered with low self confidence because it is so embarrassing of started losing hair at an early age of just 26. My self-esteem knocked down to notice it.

hair transplant
Before / After

Even to disguise my spots I began wearing hats and despite trying every product, it was getting worse. I feared of no way back. That’s when my family stepped in to a clinic for my hair transplant doctor there ran a lot of tests; my dad told me he could see my sadness of losing hair completely. He knew how much I was concerned about my looks. So after 7 months of the procedure, my head has full of hair and it renewed me with self-love. I couldn’t expect the results would be this much more, the most aesthetic transformations has been natural and well done even I can’t believe how great it looks.. I am not exaggerating anything about transplantation; it’s totally effective I must say. Feeling like blessed with thick black locks. The World’s top-most hair transplant Surgeon, Dr Rav Sharan Singh supervises the whole team to do the job with utmost precision & perfection. They have changed my life. God Bless you. You are a great guy and everything that you say in your adverts is true and that says a lot about the person you are. Thanks. I would definitely recommend anybody coming to Punjab for this treatment at the center

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