Restoration of eyelashes with grafts

Jun 14, 2017

Eyelashes beautify the eyes and add strikingly aesthetic symmetry to face. Generally, some ladies are blessed with spectacular eyelashes because of their proper vitamins good for hair growth. Every person wishes to have long and beautiful eyelashes to look charming. As per today’s perspective, dense beautiful eyelashes have disappeared due to have many reasons. The reasons of eyelash loss may vary person to person or their hormones. Certain people suffer from eyelash problem called madarosis due to various kinds of causes such as genetics, bacterial infections, gland dysfunction, over plucking, overuse of eyelash extensions, alopecia or trauma etc. yet many people worry about their eyelashes that affect their self-confidence & looking appearance. Eyelash transplant procedure also recognized as eyelash implants is used to treat the areas of the eyelid or helps to restore the eyelashes or in other words works to recover the natural look of the person. In eyelash implant, donor hairs are also used in transplant surgery that gives best results for eyelashes. Donor hairs are extracted form the scalp and implanted on required eyelashes region which increases the growth of the lashes.


Eyelashes reconstructive surgery can take approx. 25 to as much as 50 hairs into the upper eyelid depending on the number of grafts needed for proper density or required size. It is required for the eyelashes to be trimmed once a time in month after the completion of the surgery. In addition, this procedure is done under a mild oral sedative (nitrous oxide) which helps to reduce the fear, anxiety and pain of the patients during the transplantation. Moreover, the main thing that should be keep in mind is that after the surgery, hair curled is necessary to be done manually by patients to let growth in appropriate shape as compared to normal eyelashes.
Eyebrow reconstruction is the most right job to restore hairs very similar to those of the original eyelash hairs. Definitely a good blood supply in the eyelid ensures fine survival of the graft to care for a good direction and the most favorable hairs thickness that look a lot like the natural eyelashes. Eyelash reconstruction surgery helps out those in quest of recovering self-esteem by enhancing their appearance. Surgeons evaluate prospective patients’ condition for detailing of eyelash reconstruction. And these eyelash conditions can be changed to bring back natural form using a technique. Eyelashes can augment the attractiveness of the eyes and face. Many people with less hair on the eye lashes may consider having eye lash reconstruction for fuller eye lashes.
Eye Lash reconstruction is about transplanting hair to the eye lashes to give desired look to the patient and of course the angle at which the new eyelash is placed is really significant. The procedure is a delicate one which requires ideal placement of these hairs angled at the correct direction and position to copy natural growth.