Story of suffering hair loss

Apr 10, 2017

How abashing it is for a young person to have less hair on head! Such a person would definitely be tired of hiding receding hairline or baldness. Even losing confidence is a huge problem that makes living worse since it is hard to love or make people happy unless you love yourself. My story is same, I can vividly recall the time when I first noticed my hair loss and it must have started when I was 23. Before this happened, my head had full thicker hair that everyone used to compliment me for my hair quality and hairstyles. I had such a beautiful hair growth. I suppose in the beginning when it started to fall a little bit, it didn’t affect my hairstyling cause my hair was dense to hold any style. Once my friend observed my scalp with thinning of hair, I became concerned about it since my hair was losing its strength more than what I thought. Then I consulted at few local hair transplant centers for its years of experience. But still I was little bit confused about the results so instead I started taking multi vitamins. Then at 25 of age, bald patches visible on the crown and the temples were receding. I was thinking it was due to my work stress. In the meantime, hair fall stopped for few days, I felt like its improving. However, after few months, my hair line began to thinning more. Finally, I tried FUE hair treatment after consultation with Dr. Rav Sharan at hair transplantation clinic in Patiala who assured me to reverse my hair cycle to natural new hair growth. During the few days, I was skeptical about natural results that I got more frustrated. After 4 weeks of the procedure, I realized I was wrong because now I could see the results. I was 26 and turning 27, this first time I understood that I could get the perfect hair scalp and the final results after 7 months of surgery was what I was hoping for. Now am on cloud nine with so brilliant results.

Hair Transplant Cost in Patiala

I know how much my hair is important to me; it was my identity in circle and my reason of self esteem. I suppose it is a typical male issue and believe me please consult a reliable doctor to have naturally looking fine results through hair transplant. This is my story of what I felt throughout the journey and the choice of hair restoration was the best decision I have ever made as it changed my life so much to positive. Thank you doctor for everything!!!