Successful outcome with surgical hair transplant

May 01, 2017

Hair loss is the most embarrassing problem for both males and females which can have the negative impact on psychological well being of suffered person as it may cause increased stress levels and low self-esteem. Technological advancements have led to rapidly involve the concept of hair transplantation, the most popular cosmetic procedures with the use of follicles unit grafts and most sophisticated procedures taken it to reach a peak height. A number of celebrities including Salman Khan, Johnny Depp, Saurav Ganguly, David Backham, Amber Rose, Hillary Clinton have had hair transplants to revered their impeccably beauty. With better implantation method now well established principle of hair transplants represent results a look natural accompanied by improvements in ways to encourage optimal surgical solutions for both men and women. There are different kinds of methods of hair restoration in which the most common ones are Follicular unit extraction and Follicular unit transplantation (FUT suitable for up to 2500 grafts to supply a good amount of transplanted) techniques are gaining popularity with the emerging trends of looking young. Other advances involve the procedures extension to bodily and facial hair transplants (eyebrow, beard transplant, and moustache). BHT has revolutionized used to restore hair and implications are quite remarkable. Through it, hair can be harvested from chest, legs, arms etc.  In case of temple point reconstruction finer quality hair are usually taken from legs and arms to produce naturally looking areas and same goes with hair line. Traditional strip method involves removal of a strip of the scalp skin from the back of the head and the wound is stapled / sutured and leaves a scar on the donor area. The process reflects scars and takes some healing time but the final results are outstanding as per expectations of patient. Therefore, approximately sixteen hundred grafts may require producing varied results with potential successful realistic results.




FUE is the new enabling minimally invasive technical procedure replaces conventional strip methods seems to be driving the increase number of patients for hair transplant which employs a punch device to remove individual hair grafts aligned to a depth of 3 to 4 mm from the skin surface. The goal is to mimic natural hair growth which is impossible to distinguish from the remaining area of the head. While the very latest method called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the future of hair transplant which has shown results of improved graft survival, effective yield rate, attractiveness and boost hair density. Another one is robotic system through automation system of creating holes.  Androgenic alopecia (AGA) or generally known as male pattern baldness is the common condition of hair loss seen in males with gradual aging factor.  Although hair loss in women is journal occurred as thinning of hair where as in men bald patches are journal. People also use hair systems to fake their full head of hair particularly made of synthetic material others use hats, Wigs.

There are numerous so called remedies available which claim to use all natural ingredients like many medications have been developed to treat such conditions and patients may benefit from it but it gives only temporary solutions however, from surgical proven permanent hair transplant patients benefit a lot. Like Finasteride Propecia is recommended to be taken by men for their pattern hair loss works to stimulate new hair growth on the crown and mid scalp. Hair transplantation is based on the idea of taking a graft (as a single hair in groups of 2 to 5 hairs) from a healthy donor area and transplanted to suffering pattern baldness zone.

The orientation of the hair follicles is care for proper natural hair direction which aids maximum coverage on the head giving you desired youthful look. Aided by experienced surgeons who possess required skills involving  decide on the angle, correct orientation, spacing and size of the balding region which  ultimately lead to grow hair into excellent recreated hair lines.  The parameters of the donor hair such as color, density and quality lead to be considered as it affect the result. In case of receding hairline the surgeon locate the expected regions of the scalp to plan the important steps in hair restoration in an individual to give a natural appearance. Doctors used the local and anaesthetic solution for the entire procedure into the site to minimize pain and bleeding. After the procedure the patient starts to get new hair growth within 3 months while it typically takes 7 to 9 months to notice the pleasing results. It may require multiple sessions to give natural fair characteristics such as fine texture and matched hair color. The prospective queries as asked by patients comprises of the first question that is ”what is the cost of hair transplant?” well the cost to be charged is dependent on many things including the number of grafts,  procedure, surgeon experience etc. Most significant advantage patient’s gain is self image and freedom from tension & worries.

Hair transplant is team effort of trained assistants who work under the guidance of main doctor. The third generation laser hair transplantation uses laser beam for permanent hair treatment for hair loss issue In contrast to traditional unsatisfactory procedures this technique give natural look, boost confidence and economical in terms of lifelong grantee results. The bottom line is that the modern procedure has been presented to acceptable painless methods with brilliant results a people are having it to improve their self confidence and love for self. People who have undergone hair transplant procedure are now happy about their new look.

No matter what are the causes of bald spots, people seem hair loss with embracement and shame because of hopelessness. The interested patients please feel free to get treatment with Dr Rav Sharan Singh (MBBS, M.D., DCos) at safe hair transplant in Patiala of Punjab offer customers with consistence results using the best technology and professional diligent staff they are devoted to provide wonderful results with utmost safety & satisfaction studying the patient’s condition and requirement.

Good Luck and stay happy!