Things to know about hair transplant surgery

May 31, 2017

“I am Akshay, 25 had only little density of moustache and no beard problem. This made me frustrated about my manly looks that i tried so many topical products but nothing worked for me to give expected outcome. My Friends say  having beard-moustache transplantation would help. Does it useful to thicken a moustache and beard? How do surgeons do it for the patients to seek for more density? ”So far surgeons have performed hair transplants for patients to achieve desired results taking 100 to 3000 grafts  in a single session. These healthy hair follicles are more often harvested from the donor side of the scalp and implanted to the recipient area.

Does shampooing prevent hair loss? Better to check for products ingredients but most probably does shampoos do not because hair loss.

Would Trauma cause loss of Transplanted hair? The tendency to experience trauma varies from person to person yet it is common to have hair fall after experience shock loss. It would be smart idea to determine because of this issue and see your doctor.

How long transplanted hair life cycle for proper growth goes? Well, it usefully takes 4 to 10 months after surgery to get thicker fuller hair as patients start to get fine soft transplanted hair growth in the 4th month after surgery but in rare cases it may take up to 12 months depending upon patient’s condition.


The price of hair transplantation procedure is decreasing. Why? In the previous years, procedure of FUE hair transplantation was done in three-four times as compared to FUT and their prices were also higher. The main reason for decreasing prices was the procedure is now completed in a day as it was done in 3- 4 seating. You can get the treatment from any hair restoration doctor at cheap rate today.

What is the duration of FUE Hair Transplantation? Approximately, it takes 6 to 9 hours to perform to implant the over 1000 grafts.

Questions to ask prior to hair transplant form doctor? It should be about number of grafts to be inserted in bald areas, cost, after surgery care, recovery time, candidate suitability for procedure (age-related factors), satisfactory donor area size, procedure time or sessions required etc.

What do you think vitamin D deficiency can cause hair loss? The major sign of deficiency of Vitamin D is hair loss. According to my view, you have to postpone dates of hair transplant because you have to complete vitamin D in your body.

Can a patient receive beard as well as hair transplant? There is no problem for doctor to do both procedures at one time. It depends on patient’s immune system. You can decide with your doctor.

Is Hair Transplant suggested for summer? It is truly a good time to have a HT procedure and doctor will advise you regarding post op care. Don’t worry your sweat will not affect surgery outcome. The perfect time is when you are awe from busy schedule and stress.