Hair Transplant Synopsis

Stress/Pollution/Diet/Hormones :
These days due to above mentioned factors hair loss has become household problem. There are several treatments available for treating hair loss. Hair fall can be managed with medical management or surgical interventions. We have seen an alarming increasein both male and female patients. Hair loss can be classified into stages in both male and female. Management of hair loss should be started at the earliest to prevent complete baldness in male with Androgenic Alopecia .Stem cells, cyclic therapy, LLLT are adjuvant treatments along with hair transplant. H.T is done to cover bald area. To stop the hair fall, all these adjuvant treatments can delay the progression of AGA (So AGA can be delayed but not be prevented). Multiple sessions of H.T are possible these days(for example if you are Norwood2 AGA patient you can get H.T done for the correction of hair line). When you start to lose more hair from the vertex area of the scalp after some time then you can go for second session of H.T to cover the bald area .So it is not important to wait for complete baldness to undergo hair transplant.
Female can undergo H.T for scaring Alopecia (Burn/Accident),in male pattern baldness. H.T is a beneficial tool in treating baldness of different types. The procedure helps you to regain confidence and self respect in your day to day life. So to conclude H.T may be not the only tool to restore the lost hair but it is one of the most successful and result oriented procedure.

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