Hair Transplantation

Different Types Of Hair transplantation That Dr. Rav Sharan Singh Undertakes

In today’s time, thanks to development in science and technology, we are gifted with so many things that make our living simpler. Baldness is one of the problems that many people face now days. Be it due to stress, unhealthy living or improper diet, cause can be anything but the sad part is it cannot be cured permanently. However, the good part is you can at least control it and get back your healthy growing hair. This process of quick hair growth is hair transplantation and if you are thinking of getting it done then Dr. Rav Sharan Singh hair transplant treatment is right for you.

About Hair Transplant

As said earlier, the development in technology has gifted us with many things and hair transplant is one of them. It is best suited for the people who has been finding it difficult to deal with early loss of hair and losing their confidence due to baldness at an early age. Dr. Rav Sharan Singh understands this problem and that is why along with his efficient staff brings you the best ever treatment with modern techniques which helps you regain your hair without any kind of pain.

Different Hair Transplant Treatments


Body HT




FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is the abbreviation of Follicular Unit Extraction which is a popular technique that gives a scars free result. During this treatment, few FUE punches and needles are needed with little diameter. These punches pulls out the grafts of the hair from the donor skin and support it to the bald area. With this technique, the results are 100% and there is no pain as well. There is a specific instrument used which helps to give patient precise results.

Male Hair transplant

This type of transplantation is done on men who have a particular disorder in which there is a typical Male Pattern Baldness noticed or loss if hair is visible in the face.

Female Hair Transplant

This is a minor surgery which is especially designed for females who have face hair thinning problem than a complete baldness.

Celebrity Hair Transplant

This type of surgery itself suggests the purpose of it for the patients. There are celebrities who also face some kind of disorder with regards to hair. This modern treatment is specially designed to help them regain their hair naturally.

Being well versed in restoring hair in a natural way, Dr. Rav Sharan Singh offers various hair transplant treatments for the patients.

Body Hair Transplant This is another popular transplantation process which has been demanded by many people.  In this process, the actual hair of body is transplanted to the area where there is maximum baldness. During this process, the grafts are taken from any body part where the hair grows naturally be it arms, legs or even chest. Such type of treatment is also performed on the bald people who have less hair on the scalp’s back.

Moustache Transplant

In this type of transplant, Dr. Rav Sharan will work on moustache hair. The hair which is transplanted of course matches with the natural hair.

Eyebrows Transplant

People who have problem of less or incomplete eyebrows can seek for such treatment. This type of aesthetic treatment gives people perfect looking good shaped eyebrows.

Eyelashes Transplant

In this treatment, Dr. Rav will work on the eyelash hair and give it a natural look. If there is lack of filaments that makes eyelashes look thick, then do not worry, Dr. Rav will take care of it.

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